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Ayurveda and Me

Dernière mise à jour : 16 juil. 2020

We hear a lot about Ayurveda, without knowing what it really is. I was drawn to this ancient indian medecine because of one specific thing : unlike alopatic medecine, ayurveda treats every being as a unique entity. I am before and foremost unique.​​

For instance, if I come with a sorethroat to an ayurvedic doctor along with my boyfriend who suffers from the same condition…we will not get the same treatement, even if we have the same symptoms…just because we are different, just because each one of us is unique.

So how does it work ? Basically, it starts with the idea that we are all made with the same 3 components : Vata, Pitta, Kapha. We just dont have the same amount of the 3 components. Lets say you bake a cake with only 3 ingredients ; sugar, flour and butter. You can make zillion different cakes wether you put more sugar or more flour…it works the same way with us. Just like a cake. We all have our unique receipie.

Now with that said, just like a cake will change if you put more humidity, or dryness in its environment,a human body will start altering its nature if you add more stress or if you feed him the wrong food.

So every human body starts it s life with a nature : some people always feel cold, others need a lot of sleep some others will eat a lot without adding a pound while some struggle to lose one. We are not all equal with that regard. The idea behind the genius in Ayurveda is to play with what you have and giving what you have what it needs. So you dont feel cold when everybody around you seems ok with the te ;perature, you start loosing wait if you have always strugled with that, and start sleeping a reasonable amount of hours if you have been needing a lot of hours of sleep just to feel ok. If you feed your body and your soul what it doesn t need, it will start acting like a tired kid and start wining. If you know what to feed your body and your soul what it needs, you will give yourself the chance to live its full potential.

There are tons of tests on the internet that will tell you the melody of your body : how much Pitta, Vata, Kapha there is in your constitution. Its a great starter. Then what do you do with it ? It is impossible to explain in an article the wholeness of this wonderful way of life, but here are the basics :

Kapha is the builder in your body, it is the brick and stone of your house, of your body. When balanced, it gives you strength, a strong immunity and a genuine tendency to generosity…in everyway. When imbalanced, i twill take you to heavyland, where procrastination becomes your mantra !

Pitta is the transformer in your body, the one that digests both physical and emotional food. A strong Pitta will be like a Buildoser, nothing will stop him. When imbalanced, it will transform you to a hypertempered, impatient person, an egotic selfcentered human being. When balanced, you are as performant as China became the manufacture of the world in only a couple of years…

Vata, is the carrier…the most important dosha in the system. You can have the ability to digest and transform, you can have the ability to build, but if the transporter of raw material is on strike…the country is blocked, and your body will start acting like a a blind bull in a corrida…

The one key in all these ancient, yet precious disciplines like yoga, ayurveda, tai chi is listening to yourself. By that I mean learning to constantly being close to what your body and mind feel. To listen to what they have to say to you. Because if no words come into your ears, you will not be able to respond to anything.

Listening to the self is a path…we could have learned that since kindergarten, just like any topic we have learned. But we don t. And we end up at 40 or even before with a terrible body who has been beaten up, unattended to because unheard. We end up at 40 or even before with a soul that is exhausted of triying to be heard by someone who always looks the other way with ear plugs stuck in the ears.

Ayurveda is a medecine, but a different one. It will help your body and your soul, not any body and any soul. It will not give you a one size fits all over the counter medecine. It will teach you what to eat when you feel a certain way, it will help you include the right spices in your daily meals, drinks and snacks to accompamy your journey, it will give you specific remedies that come only from Mother Nature, It will treat you like a gentle mom would when she kisses you goodnight.

Our generation has given us the gift of internet, find yoursel an ayurvedic doctor and educate yourself. Now is the time. Because not only you will save yourself and live a healthy happy life, but you will have enough for yourself to offer to the rest of the planet.

On your keybords !


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