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Heart over head

Dernière mise à jour : 16 juil. 2020

My 5 year old son asked me: does the devil exist? Where is he?

One of those questions you know will come one day, leaving you with the urge to answer with simple words a concept that holds the whole world. I took a long breath, connected with my heart and allowed the words to come out: The Devils is right here : pointing to his head…it is also called the mental. And right here: pointing to his heart, is where The Good guy is, we call him God. I went on saying, you see the head Will tell you: your friend at school runs faster, he is stronger you can never win. The heart will always say you are good enough, you already are a winner.

We all as adults are living the same struggle. The voice of the mental is so loud the one of the heart is bearly heard….Untill we realise we can find a way to put the volume of the mental down.

Remember a time you were really bad off, then a friend comes to cheer you up and tells you a really funny joke. You start laughing genuinely, your heart lights up …at this very moment the hurt goes away…. This very moment, when your heart is on stage everything seems possible, life seems easy, there are no worries. It is not a dream, it is reality. The reality. The actual problem is still there, what disappears is the idea that all you are is this problem. That All there is is this deadened. And then you decide to focus on the feeling in your heart, you decide to believe you will find a solution. All of a sudden, someone unexpected calls with a potential solution, an unexpected solution pops miraculously into your head. Hope shows up again.

This very decision to listen to your heart is available anytime. You just need to allow it to be heard. This voice can only be heard when you open your heart to the present moment, when you leave your cell phone away, when you focus your mind on what is at the very moment, the people around you, the sounds, the smells, how your body feels, on your breath. It is always there around you. Just as much as your cell phones …and your worries. You just have to make that choice, the choice of picking what calms the mind and sets your heart as your guide.

There are ways to educate yourself to make the choice automatic. These ways are numerous. There is one that will work for you out there… untill you discover another one that works better …and another one. Untill the means becomes THE way. Yoga, meditation, breathing, laughing….as many tecnics asyou can count. You just have to start somewhere…anywhere. Start by learning your ABC s…you will soon be able to read what your heart has to say like an open book….and speak to your mental and say…The heart wins!

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